A group of 推荐买球平台 Employees: Agronomists, Traders, Food Scientists, Sales and Marketing in 新加坡.


    The case for transformation in agribusiness is clear and our leadership strength enables us to drive change.

    Our global reach and expertise, backed by our spirit of disruption and culture of entrepreneurship, positions us to lead this change.

    At 推荐买球平台, we aim to empower you to find answers to daily challenges. Give you the autonomy to invent solutions that can change the way that we do things. And support you to think and act out of the ordinary so that you can have a strong lasting impact - on our business, on people's lives and on the environment.

    Meeting our growers to review the cotton crop in 澳大利亚 where 推荐买球平台 is the largest merchant in the country

    Experience our unique culture

    Our culture is the glue which binds us together. We are fundamentally entrepreneurial, seeking out opportunities and rewarding intelligent risk-taking.

    We instil ambition for doing more than expected, and challenge the status quo, avoid bureaucracy and empower our team to build long-term relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. We strive to do the right thing and each one of us takes ownership as if we were the founders of the business.

    A team of 推荐买球平台 employees celebrating meeting up

    Work with great people

    It’s very motivating to be part of a passionate, energetic and diverse team working together to achieve something meaningful.

    We also work with leaders who have helped shape the global agricultural supply chain for more than 3 decades which inspires all of us.

    A female cocoa employee in an innovation laboratory, 推荐买球平台.

    Learn and grow each day

    A career in 推荐买球平台 isn't just about progressing through a hierarchy. It's about growing through rich and diverse experiences, developing your skills in challenging roles, and participating in initiatives to build new capabilities.

    We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenge and change, and ask for feedback. Working at 推荐买球平台 is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.



    We dare to dream.

    Stretch and Ambition

    Our passion for doing more.


    We strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our partners. 

    Mutual Respect and Teamwork

    We treat each other the way we want to be treated.



    We stay true to what we believe, say and do.          



    We take responsibility as if we were founders of the business.


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